Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i thought to listen to some music to inspire my thoughts to come into an order haha i just made myself laugh since the only thing i can't do is keep anything organized yaa it's kind of upsetting. God what did i want to say why my words don’t make any sense ... well i guess what I wanted to talk about is the fact that i am just a boring person and my social skills start to crumble i mean i don't think i have anything interesting to say and keeping up a conversation with friends and family became such a frustration because it’s seems as if they don’t want to listen and at times I find myself at fault because I tend to repeat things but a sometime it’s just more than that it’s just that people find no interest to be around me well I guess I can’t blame them I am known for having a hard time keeping friendships I guess I am just feeling lost as if I have to relearn the meaning of friendships and relationships although they don’t make any sense to me anymore so I guess i feel as if silence is better maybe people will find me more mysterious …

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