Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bring one rose to my grave

(Emotional breakdown as usual)

Have you ever been afraid of never finding that one person that will make you want to give up on everything the one and only who will make you feel true pain through every single part of your body… well I am afraid I will never find him he might get on the bus that will never come back he might walk by me as I watch the ground beneath me… if you really think about it every minute can change the whole world it can save life it can bring someone who walked away it can bring that beautiful feeling of a firs or last kiss
It is so painful to think about that one piece that matching so perfectly and let it slip away let it go as if it never belonged to you as if you never deserved it in the first place it is even hard to breath or think it brings me to tears knowing that I might never find that true love I only wish that I had it for one day just one day like Ren and Nana …but the question is do I even deserve it … do I really deserve even being burned by it for the slightest moment I guess I don’t but I won’t settle for sympathy or one sided love I would rather wait for him even if he will never come and die with a smile on my face knowing that I belong only to him and that I have waited …
Just something of the moment so not related to my love talk but those lines wont leave me alone I heard them in a movie I think it was Tracy or some thing like this I am not sure what the exact words but it went some thing like this “a girl disappears everyone looking for her she dies on the ground and after a while flowers grow from her body then the bees come and make honey from those flowers and the family eats the honey so they eat the girl…

Bring a black rose, bring a red rose, bring a white rose, bring a dark blue rose and braid them in my hair

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