Monday, December 15, 2008

In Order to Say the Right Thing You Should Shut Up Most of the Time

Well I don’t know how many people actually do what I do but lately I have been talking to myself and it is rather interesting well it is more of having a self conversation in my head and I have to say I have never done it before except when I write, but these days it is usually when I go from one place to another and during that period of time I space out and out of no where I start a random self dialog about the things I see and I associate them with some odd and totally absurd imaginary story lines, that don’t make any sense to me. I guess my imagination is working extra shifts, I generally don’t think it is a bad thing I even find it rather amusing, because it pass my time faster and I kind of forget a bit about my surroundings , the people that glance at me while we cross each others path ways with some kind of strange anticipation that I’ll glance back at them (although I never understood what people are looking for in each others eyes it seem like some kind of mystery to me…) and the weather doesn’t seem to irritate me, I usually get so grumpy when I notice the sticky wet feeling on my body during the summer time or the freezing wind during winter that blows throughout every single bone I have despite the fact that I am wearing a damn good winter coat .Well I guess my main point is that not too many people have a self dialog neither do they think too much about what they are going to say and I believe I am a good example of an average person with fairly good social life and
I never thought about what I say before the words came out of my mouth I mean I never went through a dialog in my head before I said something neither do I feel like I myself even know what I am going to say it feels more like the words are just stuck in my throat and I randomly puke them out with out too much thought or consideration of how my words might affect the other person it feels more like a memorized speech that I choose to deliver in a certain situation and I believe most people will agree with me that they don’t use their mind to say what they want to say they would rather puke it out in to their friends ears without too much thought or just state a random thought in their head using one or two words such as wow damn how pretty cute and some other common words in our limited vocabulary . So I guess at the end of the day I came to the conclusion that words could be a dangerous poison for the mind whether you write a short msn message, put a comment on youtube or you just say it out loud hmm…

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