Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Writer

just a thought of the moment .....

I want to write something yet I have hard time to organize my thoughts and it seems like each word that I am writing have been already written . I know that in order to be a good writer it takes more than a couple of imaginations and effortless words it is an art just like drawing but not with a brush and a paint this is a special painting with words that brings life to an image(colors, smell, beauty). But you should know better by now that for this picture you don’t need eyes , you need a big dose of imagination and what is really magical about the writer is that he paints a black and white picture and lets you to fill in the colors ....

The color was red beneath her little fragile body it stained the white sheets of the bed and who would think that the blood on my hands was of a little bird who sang so beautifully in the early mornings …maybe it is a selfish thought but I wonder if the blood would wash out of white Kashmir cloth

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